9 Frequently Asked Questions About Manufactured Homes.

Answers to your common manufactured home questions...

Yes! Government standards for manufactured homes are often above traditional building code.

Yes! manufactured homes are most often much less expensive than traditional homes, condos and apartments. This means you’ll spend less time paying off a mortgage. Traditional home financing centers around a 30-year loan while most manufactured homes can often be paid off in less than half that time.

Yes! Government regulations and building standards require manufactured homes built after the mid 1970’s to meet or exceed energy code standards. In many cases a manufactured home is more ecologically sound than a traditional home. 

No. manufactured homes aren’t made to be mobile anymore. Today, manufactured homes are meant to stay in one place. In the late 1970s, HUD standards put an end to these manufactured homes actually being ‘mobile.’

It can. Of course, just like any home, many other factors will play a part in the value of your home over time.

Yes! As a larger management company, we have taken steps to ensure each property is responsive to residents needs with has on-site management and safe, secure communities. Resident screening? 


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About Terrene Communities

We combine local, on-site management with our national presence to meet our residents’ needs efficiently and effectively. Our trained and empowered managers are available in each manufactured home community to address immediate needs and questions. We can offer the absolute best in technology, maintenance, financing, and transportation as a national mobile home company.

Our strategic industry partnerships work to help residents on their path to manufactured homeownership. 

Get in touch with our team today to tour a mobile home model, ask about availability and find a home and community that is right for you.