Our Communities

Manufactured home communities are the future of homeownership. 


And you could actually own your home long before you would pay off a 30-year mortgage.

Manufactured homes are:

Safe – All of our homes are subjected to federal, state and local standards and inspections at multiple stages in the building and installation process.

Economical – You will save money on utilities and years of interest over a traditional mortgage.

Eco-friendly – All of our new homes are certified energy efficient to ensure the lowest cost living experience available while maintaining an environmentally friendly footprint.

At Terrene Communities, we build our communities to carry the American Dream of homeownership to many. We work hard to ensure our communities are safe, relaxing and comfortable neighborhoods for families, retirees, and more.

Manufactured home communities

When you buy a new home in a Terrene Community, we will make sure your home is constructed on a full concrete foundation. This makes our homes safer, more secure and more comfortable. We also are committed to the longevity of your investment.

Moscow Mills is family friendly community located in Lincoln Co. which is rated one of the fatest growing counties by population and employment base in the St. Louis metropolitian area. The community is a short drive from the St. Louis airport and other large major metroplitian areas with access to excellent shopping, dining and family friendly entertainment.

About Terrene Communities

We combine local, on-site management with our national presence to meet our residents’ needs efficiently and effectively. Our trained and empowered managers are available in each community to address immediate needs and questions. We can offer the absolute best in technology, maintenance, financing, and transportation as a national company.

Our strategic industry partnerships work to help residents on their path to homeownership. 

Get in touch with our team today to tour a model, ask about availability and find a home and community that is right for you.