About the Management Company

The Terrene Communities team comes with over 20 years of experience in the rapidly evolving manufactured home industry. We believe in the long-term viability of manufactured homes as the path to homeownership for many American families, singles, retirees and more.

Our team chose the manufactured housing industry because we saw the potential this option affords residents: realistic homeownership opportunities that are otherwise unavailable in the traditional rental model. We value the American dream and strive every day to make that a reality.

Mobile Home Kitchens

Our mission is to provide safe and affordable options for homeownership outside of traditional 30+ year mortgages.

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We manage our communities as if we lived there; by focusing on building the highest quality living experience and conditions for our residents.

Each resident is screened following all federal, state, and local housing laws to ensure we know exactly who will live in each community.

Our manufactured homes are the highest quality energy-efficient homes constructed by a highly sought builder utilizing a proprietary construction process unique to the industry.

We work hard to ensure the most affordable living experience for our residents while collaborating diligently with them on the front end to put them in the best position for successful homeownership.

About Terrene Communities

We combine local, on-site management with our national presence to meet our residents’ needs efficiently and effectively. Our trained and empowered managers are available in each community to address immediate needs and questions. We can offer the absolute best in technology, maintenance, financing, and transportation as a national company.

Our strategic industry partnerships work to help residents on their path to homeownership. 

Get in touch with our team today to tour a model, ask about availability and find a home and community that is right for you.